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Use AI to spread the Gospel.

Create tailored AI chatbots, specifically designed for the needs of your communitiy, Christian institution, or missionary organization.

Biblebot’s primary goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in innovative ways and to promote the Kingdom of God. We’re backed by a passionate team of experienced technicians, trained theologians, and skilled consultants.

» Frag den Osterhasen «

KI trifft Mission – mit dem Osterhasen-Chatbot ! Theo Hopp beantwortet Fragen von Nichtchristen.

Vom 28. März bis 1. April 2024 findet dazu in Berlin ein von OM organisierter Verteileinsatz statt. ( Die Flyer kannst du auch selbst benutzen – du kannst sie hier » bestellen. )

Der Chatbot unter ist bereits aktiv, wird aber in seiner endgültigen Form vom 27. März bis 2. April 2024 freigeschaltet. Nach Ostern verweist der Chatbot auf einen evangelistischen Kontakt. Bei Fragen wende dich an ( Jürgen Fischer ).

Define the content source

Choose the content, your AI chatbot will use to engage with  (PDF, text, video, websites...).


Set up prompts

Define how your AI chatbot should behave, what types of users you expect, and how the best output should look like.


Run your AI chatbots

Embed your AI chatbots on your websites/in your apps. Define up to 5 different chatbots (e.g. tailored to the level of knowledge).

Try it

Our Bible AI chatbot (beta!) is live. Try it for yourself...


Jürgen Fischer

Jürgen, biochemist, practical theologian (focusing on church planting and teaching), podcaster (, and visionary (specializing in evangelism and discipleship).

Reinhold Helm

Reinhold, managing director of CDH Stephanus, a German based mission organization, brings experience from his role as a growth manager at an AI robotics company. His passion for innovative education originates from his time as an e-learning producer and head of an academy at an international company.

Stephan Sommer-Schulz

As co-founder and member of the board of NEXT Data Services AG, Stephan loves deep tech, AI, optimizers, delivering value and finding simple pragmatic solutions to complicated problems.

Johann Friesen

Johann is an experienced freelance software developer (full stack).

Velimir Milenkovic

As co-founder of cvmd, an apologetics ministry and publishing house, Velimir works at the intersection of apologetics, content production and marketing/design.

Jennifer Keller

Jennifer is a theologian and social worker, focusing on children and youth work. She is also a dedicated Bible school teacher, speaker, and an adept organizer.


ChatGPT and other LLM’s

Up to five chatbots, using different prompts

Wide range of input sources (i.e. PDF, Text/XML, Websites, Videos)

Support and Service

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